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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • i\^m a happy, healthy 23 year old, or so i thought... i went in for my 6 mo pap on july 31st 2008, because i have hpv and have had abnormal paps since i was 16, and i thought i would get the usual... you still have hpv, lsil and we\^ll follow up in another 6 mos to see if we can clear this up.. but it wasn\^t the usual, they told me i had hsil.. i\^m a nurse but i still didn\^t understand what it meant, so i didn\^t make a big deal about it.. i had to see a new doctor because my insurance changed, like that wasn\^t scary enough.. i went to my new doctor in the end of august, and she said she wanted to do a leep asap, so i scheduled one, for the 3rd of september.. now i was sterting to get a little worried cause they didn\^t even want to do a colpo, which we had skipped at the apt before becuase the doctors didn\^t want to destroy my cervix if they didn\^t have to.. my birthday was sept 6, and on sept 8th i got a call from my ob/gyn.. she said she wanted an apt with me to discuss the results, and on the 9th of september, i found out that at age 23 i have cancer, non-invasive, but cancer non the less... scared as i\^ve ever been, i told my boyfriend, one of the doctors i work for, and a few days later i told my mom... i don\^t have any children, and my leep came back without clear margins.. so now i have to go back on dec 3rd for a colpo, to see if there is any cancer left, or if my body was able to clear it out.. i\^m hoping and praying i have my first normal pap soon.. i just hope every learns, cancer can affect anyone, so don\^t wait to get your pap because your young and healthy, if i had waited who knows what my prognosis would be, but for now it\^s just going to be hard to not have a miscarriage.. i guess in a way i am lucky..
  • 10-26 -2008
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