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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am 22 years old with two beautiful children ages 4 and 7. One month ago I hade a pap done and they called and said it had come back abnormaol and that I had tested positive for HPV, so I went back to the doctor as they said I should, so at that time they did a biopsy, and that came back that I had abnormal cells on my cervix,so they did another biopsy a second time and sent them off for further research and it came back that the cells on my cervix were cancer cells, so then I had leep procedure, which was just last Tuesday, it wasn\^t at all painful just uncomfortable as nobody like to have that stuff done. I am now currenty in a relationship and plan to get married next June, we do not have any children together, and we would like to, my doctor knows that I want more children due to I was taking fertility drugs before this all came about. Reading some of these stories are just horrable, why is it that cancer seems to be taking over all of us women, but yet there is still no cure. I just wanna say that for what ever your reason is for hanging on it\^s worth it. If there is a will there is a way. DON\^T let this horrable diease take control of us. No matter what we are all survivors! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
  • 10-24 -2008
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