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  • This message is for Cynthia. I was recently diagnosed with microinvasive adenocarcinoma. I\^ve been to Stanford, UCSF and have consulted with the National Cancer Institute, and all agree that too little is known about adenocarcinoma to offer up meaningful statistics on recurrence. As another post mentions, adenocarcinoma is known for occurring in \"skip lesions\", ie non-contiguous. As I understand it, that - and the fact that adenocarcinoma represents a small but growing percentage of cases - makes doctors more cautious when recommending treatment options for us.

    I don\^t have children yet and may want to have them, so I am working out a treatment plan that provides vigorous monitoring. Pap smears are unreliable, but coloposcopies and endometrial biopsies are also options that have been presented to me. I also had an MRI which gave me enormous peace of mind when it showed no masses.

    I have had one doctor propose that a radical trachelectomy (removal of the cervix) could be more effective than a simple hysterectomy since it removes the lymph nodes and that is where the cancer is likely to move next, not to the uterus.

    It sounds like you have some time to make a decision given that you have clean margins. I would seek as many opinions as you need and hit the cervical cancer specialists out there (Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, UCSF) if at all possible.

    The most important thing is that you arm yourself with all of the information you need to feel at peace with your decision.

    Good luck and be strong,

  • 10-24 -2008
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