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  • In July of this year 2008 I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in its early stage. I must admit I had not been to see my OBGYN in probably over 2 years after being told that I had an abnormal pap. Due to divorce and no insurance that is what kept me from going back and taking care of it. I am now remarried to a wonderful man that has supported me thru it all. I was fortunate not to have to go thru chemo and all of that.. but the mental stress and the fact that children (biologically) is not in my future at 30 has scarred me for life. I had a LAVH (LAPROSCOPIC ABDOMINAL HYSTERECTOMY) on Aug. 18th. Just 8 days after my 30th birthday. I was fortunate in being able to keep my ovaries. They took the cervix and the uterus, and let me tell you.. the surgery isn\^t as bad as it seems. It\^s amazing how the body heals. That was my first major surgery and I\^m glad I had a wonderful doctor and support team with me. It\^s been 2 months now and I am starting to finally feel better. Not all of my strength is back but.. I\^m working on it. I\^m so much happier and relieved that the cancer is out of my body. If I had one thing to say to anyone it would be .. don\^t ignore the abnormal paps and get the shot if you are young enough. Safe sex still doesn\^t protect you from this nightmare and you never know who has it. We are strong women and we can overcome so many obstacles. That\^s the beauty of our strength.
  • 10-21 -2008
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