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  • Cynthia
    I cannot give you accurate statistics, but I can tell you that i had a situation very similar to yours, and i consulted about 4 different doctors. Everyone seemed to agree that the \"standard of care\" when dealing with adenocaricnoma in situ is to get the simple hysterectomy - the only reason to \"stop treatment\" at the cone biopsy was if you wanted to spare your fertilty. The reasons i was given were that doctors do not have a good handle on adenocarcinoma in general - they dont fully understand how it behaves or what to expect when dealing with it (e.g., it is hypothesized to \"cluster\" ie be in more than one spot). I have also read that it is very difficult to follow up with pap smears after a cone biopsy because the cone biopsy leaves the cervix so scarred/destroyed that the pap smears are not as accurate as they would be on a healthy cervix. I had the hysterectomy - my doctor really said there was no other choice - it wasnt that bad and i am glad that i did. Good luck to you in your decision.
  • 10-20 -2008
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