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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • i had my pap smear in jan of 08 and it came back abnormal and then in april of 08 i had a colopsocpy and it came back that i had dyplasia and some abnormal cells. so they had me go into surgery to have a cone biospy and it came back that i had cervical cancer in two diffrent stages. i guess i had it for 4 years and really different have and symptons the only sypmton that i had were my periods were heavier and i was really really bad cramps. but they done that cone biospy and they got the results back and it came back clear. so every three months i get my pap smear to make sure it not back. so far everything going good. they thought it was strange that a twenty six year old young female would get it. so make sure you get you pap smear
  • 10-19 -2008
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