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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am 38 years old, married and a mother of three beautiful girls who are 7, 5 and 2 years old. This past July after having an abnormal Pap, I was told that I have adenocarcinoma in-situ.

    As you can imagine I freaked out when I heard the words and felt many different things, especially scared and a sense of being uninformed of what I was dealing with. I quickly researched it on the web and asked many questions when I had met with the GYN Oncologist. As I began to share my story with others, I soon realized how many women with in my own network of friend and family had similar experiences with the HPV virus. Both my regular Gyn and the oncologist were surprised by my diagnosis, especially because my cervix looked so healthy and pink. During a colposcopy, I was able to see my cervix on a large screen TV (Yeah, good times!) along with my husband. Apparently the glandular type can hide in the cervical canal before being detected. It was pure luck that my Gyn had biopsied the right spot. For the past four years, my Gyn had biopsied me for abnormal Paps but never came up with any findings.

    It was at this first time visit to the oncologist that we were asked to make a choice of treatment; that being a cone biopsy or a simple hystorectomy. 6 weeks after my cone biopsy and happy to hear that i had negative margins, I returned to the Oncologist for what I thought was a check up and \"I\^ll see uou in three months for a follow up Pap\". However the Oncologist insisted that if I was done having children, I should consider a simple hystorectomy for the sake of lowering the odds of the cancer returning. I wish there was a way of obtaining the real statistics of the virus. I had conflicting statistics given to me by two Doctors; one saying it\^s 50-50% and the other 10% chance of it reocurring. I am currently scheduled to get two more oppinions before making my decision. Because I have a family that needs me, I am leaning towards a simple hystorectomy to lower my odds of it reocurring. One Doctor said that 1 in a 1,000 women have had reocurrence after this procedure. If anyone can give me more accurate finding, please pass them on.
  • 10-18 -2008
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