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  • I went to a party when I was 15. Funny thing is, I didn\^t even like the girl hosting the party...I just wanted to go to \^fit in\^. At that party, I was raped. The man took my innocence and trust and gave me HPV. I didn\^t know this until 3 days after my 21st birthday. I went in for a regular Well Woman\^s exam. They found dysplasia, did a colposcopy and biopsy and a LEEP, and I was told to come back frequently for pap smears for the next 3 years. I did at first, but then it became a hassle. I went on living my life. I got married, had two children. Fast forward to 2008. I went in for a Well Woman exam (as I well should because it was 5 years since my last one), and I learn that I have Stage IVa cervical cancer. This is why I am exhausted all the time, why I have no appetite and I\^m losing weight. I am terrified, but I think my mother is even more scared than I am. I am just 26years old. I have a 3yo and a 4yo. They NEED me. I can\^t die. My doctor told me that 13-15% are alive after 5years. I am determined to be that 13%.
  • 10-18 -2008
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