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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Hi, I\^m 27, and my story starts out strange. On Septemeber 17, I was grocery shopping with my daughter at Walmart when I had the most paralyzing pain occur in my right side. It took every last drop in me to get the rest of my groceries and pay and leave while in this horrific amount of pain. Putting my groceries in the car, I began to feel like this was the time to call an ambulance. But I made it home, safe with my daughter. I got the groceries put away (just the ones that needed refridgeration/freezing...they were too expensive just to leave out!) and laid in bed. For the next 2 hours I lay in pain, I couldn\^t move, I was nauseated, pale, I felt like I was in shock. I finally mustered up the courage to call my OB/GYN, who referred me to my family doc because he was on vacation. 3 hours later and an ultrasound revealed a 5cm cyst had ruptured. At the time of the pelvic exam, my FP decided to do a pap since my last one was done a year prior. That one came back HGSIL and was referred to my OB/GYN, who without question or consultation got me in right away for a LEEP. The LEEP detected adenocarcinoma in situ, along with squamous cell carcinoma. During the consultation a week later, my OB proceeded to tell me that this cancer was very serious, not arising from HPV, and that we need to try for a baby now if we are thinking about having another one, and after the birth of the baby having a hysterectomy. I have also been told that this cancer is unpredictable and needs immediate now I am going for a second opinion.

    It\^s been a scary time for me, I am so young (but realize I\^m not the only one!) I am a mother of a young child and I am in nursing school. I have an amazing support system but yet feel so alone.

    I just never imagined this would ever happen to me.
  • 10-17 -2008
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