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  • Hello, my name is Kita and I have been diagnosed with HPV. I had an abnormal pap test about 5 yrs ago and then a normal one 3 mo. later and was told that happens and there was nothing to worry about. When I found out I was pregnant w/ my 2 yr old and had my pap then, of course nothing was okay. My ob did a colposcopy and then sent me to an oncologist who did another colposcopy. By this time I was about 5 mo. pregnant and the Dr didn\^t want to do much to my cervix till after I delivered my daughter. I had a leep and laser when she was 2 months old and at my follow up appt. my pap came back abnormal again. By this time I was stuck in a bad situation because my insurance I was on was running out, so there wasn\^t really much I could do. I just went on living my life, working, and raising my children. For two years I have not gone back and have had this hanging over my head. I recently got married and now finally have insurance for 5 months now and have not made \"the\" appt now. Maybe I am scared, I don\^t know. I know I need to, and I will. I just thought it might feel good to vent to people who might understand.... so if you have read my long blog here.... THANK YOU!!!
  • 10-14 -2008
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