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  • I am 20 years old and I was blessed with a baby girl on September 11, 2007. Before I became pregnant I was told by my bogy that I had cervical cancer at a level 4 and I would be unable to have children. I tried and tried and finally became pregnant in the month of December 07. When I went back to the obgyn he could not believe I was pregnant. Checkups continued and he advised me that I would probably need to have a c section at birth time. I had the baby and never went back for the check up. A year goes by and during intimacy I would bleed heavily, I finally decided to get checked out and since I didn’t have insurance I went to a clinic and they stated that the result of the pap came back cancer cells. I finally went to a real gyno in April 08, they tell me that I have cervical cancer and that I would need to have my cervics removed. After x-rays and mris and pet scans, I am told that I am pregnant. So now I’m left with the choice to terminate the baby growing in me or be here for the baby I already have. I wanted to lock myself up and cry for days, but I didn’t have days. I made the heart breaking decision to terminate. I always wanted at least 4 kids, but I’m being told I need a hysterectomy. I had surgery on September 18, 2008. When I thought the worst was over, I need to have radiation as well as kimo to make sure it does not return. I am now recovering and only get to spend several hours a day with my daughter. I don’t even want to think about the days I won’t even see her through kimo. I have spent every minute of the day with her since she was born and now I could only see her for a couple of hours. This is killing me inside but only making me try to get better faster to be with her how I was.
  • 10-07 -2008
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