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  • Hello everyone. I just would like to start by stating that I am extremely happy that there are such amazing support groups. It really makes me feel a lot better to know that there are people who actually care and understand what you\^re going through. I\^m 19 and I recently went to my gynecologist because I keep getting ovarian cysts. My doctor performed a pap smear and the laboratory reported abnormal cells on the surface of my cervix. The phone call I received horrified me. I\^m not afraid of dying; I\^m afraid of the family and friends that I would leave behind, many of which depend on me. I\^m not sure if I have cervical cancer or not. I return to my gynecologist for a biopsy on October 13th. When I first found out, I felt extremely dirty and worthless. I\^ve only been with one guy and he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend. I have reason to believe that he contracted hpv from her and he in turn, gave it to me. I\^m not trying to play the blame game, but I feel as if I was betrayed and the scars dig much deeper than emotional scars. I\^ve always dreamed of having my own family. I want the chance to have my own children. I know thats selfish, but I am completely infatuated with kids. I know that there are other options such as adoption or a surrogate mother, but I think that every woman who deserves a child, should be able to have one. Its unfortunate that in this day and age, cancer has overtaken our society and has left in its destructive path pain, misery and despair. I\"m not trying to be a sour goose at all. There\^s so many emotions bottled up inside my mind. I do not know how to formulate words to express how I feel. The kind words and support mean a so much to me and I would also like to personally thank all of those who left their survival stories before me. You\^ve helped me see things clearly and for that, I am in debt. You all have given me hope of brighter days. It can be beat and with the sense of community found in this very chat, others like myself will be determined to beat Cervical Cancer and live a wonderful, blessed, long, happy and healthy life.
    Peace,love and happiness.


  • 10-05 -2008
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