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  • My story begins back in 1986 when at 21 I was diagnosed with my first case of cervical cancer. What a shock that was. After my biopsy I was scheduled for cryosurgery where they freeze your cervix to kill the cancer cells. All was well for many years. I had 2 healthy children (one in 1991 and one in 1996) when in 1998 I was diagnosed with my second case of cervical cancer. I had gotten lax on my annual exams (I was taking care of 2 children, my husband, his mother, and working full time) and missed at least one. Here I was 32 and facing surgery again. I was also in the middle of a move with my mother-in-law moving in with us. I had a LEEP this time and praise God they were able to get all the cancer the first time. Now at 43 I think its back again. This time however I will have the hysterectomy and this should be the end of it. I want everyone to know that cervical cancer is beatable. You just have to get your annual exams on time. The earlier you catch it the easier it is to treat. The longer you wait the more invasive the treatment. Trust me knowing is better than wondering any day.
  • 09-29 -2008
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