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  • I am 17 years old. In the summer of 2008, I underwent a sugical procedure called a conization of the cervix (cone biopsy). During the summer of 2007, I got a Pap smear done. When the results came back I was told I had abnormal cells on the surface of my cervix. The nurse said that I should probably get another Pap done because sometimes their are errors and it probably wasn\^t anything to worry about.
    The next school year, I met with my Gynocologist, Dr. Andrea W. I had another Pap done and this time the results were worse. I had HSIL.
    Dr. W. suggested a procedure that involved taking samples of the cervix to further diagnose the abnormalities. This procedure was a little painful, but it wasn\^t bad.
    After further examination, she decided that it would be best for me if I had the surgery to remove the abnormal areas. At this time my mother was also going to have surgery (on her neck) so it was a tough time for us. I had surgery a few days after my mother, so we got to be drugged up together.
    The surgical procedure that Dr. W. performed was called conization of the cervix.
    I was lucky enough to have done something early on. I am lucky to have such a wonderful mother, family, friends, and a doctor who was there the whole way through. I have become a stronger person through my experiences and I know that if I did develop cancer, I could get through it.
  • 09-25 -2008
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