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  • i am totally dumbfounded as to what has happened - i\^m about to be 27 and after dealing with a low-grade pap and subsequent cryotherapy in november 2007, i had a normal pap in february 2008 and a normal pap in september 2008 - but i still tested positive for hpv, so my doc went back in and discovered the exact same dysplasia still hanging out - but this time it came back as high-grade. i have to see the doc next week to discuss treatment, but i am in pieces because all my life i\^ve worked so hard and been in perfect health, and then to have something like this looming on top of my head is crazy. i finally found the love of my life too just to have this interrupting everything. when i was hit with it last year, i freaked out though i remained positive because everything was benign. now, all i can picture is the chance of ultimately having cancer before 30 and seeing all my hard work go to waste :( can anyone offer words of encouragement?
  • 09-18 -2008
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