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  • Hi everyone. My name is Precious and I am a cervical cancer survivor. I\^m 35yrs. old, married, and have two beautiful children. I\^m recovering,on my 6th week. I had a radical hysterectomy done on August 9,2008. Never heard of HPV until November of 2007, by my OBGYN. My pap test came back abnormal and I had to retest in 6 months. In June I retested and it came back abnormal again. My doctor scheduled for a colposcopy. July 15, I had the test,10 days later my doctor told me I had cervical cancer and referred me to a Oncolgist (gynecological doctor). Everything went so fast. I am very blessed, I caught the cancer early.I don\^t have to do any kemo or radiation treatments. As grandmas, mothers, sisters, and freinds please educate your family, freinds, kids,and your kid\^s friends about HPV diseases and cervical cancer. Please ladies get your pap test done every year, CERVICAL CANCER is serious.
  • 09-16 -2008
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