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  • I am a 35 yr old Mom of three. Almost 6 yrs ago, I started spotting about 5 days before I was to start my period. My OB told me that this was normal so I was not concerned. ABout three yrs later, after the birth of my 2nd child, I started heavy bleeding after intercourse. I also had/have pain with intercourse. I told my OB about this and they gave me an ultrasound and a cancer blood marker test. The ultrasound revealed a tumor which was decided after the blood test was non cancerous. This is why I was told that I was having the bleeding after intercourse. I went on to believe that. I got pregnant with my third child two and a half years ago and everything went great. I was still having bleeding after intercourse. A few months ago, I started feeling very bloated, crampy and bleeding in between my monthly cycles. I noted this when I used the bathroom. Either I wiped blood or saw it in the bottom of the toliet. Went back to the Dr one month ago for a pap, which was normal and had another ultrasound. The tumor was gone, which really started to scare me because I realized that this was not my problem. I was also told that I had some thickening of my lining. I had a biopsy and I am waiting for the results. This morning will be 8 days since my biopsy and I am shaking just writing this because I am so scared. I was told that the results would not be in for 10 days but have seen stories in which survivors received a call around 7 days if there was something wrong. My question is does anyone know that if they did find something, would they contact my OB earlier than just sending the results over if they found cancer? Every time my phone rings, I am so scared to look at my caller id......Thanks.
  • 09-15 -2008
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