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  • I went in yesterday for a pap/cervical scraping after my colposcopy results came back \"undiagnosable\" - not sure what that means but my doctor assured me that it was most likely due to an unsuccessful biopsy. My cervix started to bleed the second she touched it...but she said it didn\^t look cancerous. I hate this waiting period!!! I feel like all the symptoms I have experienced have to point to cancer but the doctor just doesn\^t seem concerned.

    I have high risk HPV, had a LEEP 10 years ago and was careless in my early 20\^s regarding my partners. I so wish I could take back my foolishness but I hope to warn all young ladies that it is not worth your health and life to take such stupid risks. My irregular bleeding and pelvic pains are something I will have to deal with for a long time and it makes me mad that I didn\^t care enough about myself to think about the consequences. Please hold your health and bodies in the utmost respect ladies!! It is the only body you will ever have so worship it.
  • 09-02 -2008
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