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    My advice is always GO TO A GYNECOLOGICAL ONCOLOGIST!!! We are talking CANCER here so why are so many women going to their OBGYN. These doctors are not Cancer Doctors. Call your insurance plan and they will tell you who you can go see. I was misdiagnosed by 3 separate Gyno\^s. I had 3b cervical cancer and when I was finally diagnosed correctly I had a 20% chance of surviving. All my PAPs came back normal, i had constant bleeding and pain. I also went to a GP who told me it was just stress. I started a blog to share my story and helpful information to other women On my blog I include my hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and my doctors. This is serious and you should not be going to a gyno-this is not their specialty and they are constantly misdiagnosing women. Please please please take my advice seriously!

  • 09-01 -2008
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