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  • Thank you for providing this forum. I\^m writing because I keep hearing those words \"be your own advocate.\" Like so many of the stories I\^ve been reading, I feel as though I\^m slipping through the cracks. I\^m usually pretty unflappable... calm and in control. But there are things happening that have me worried.

    I\^m 45. Since May 2008, I\^ve had my period nonstop. There\^s never been a day that I could go without a pad. I\^ve also been experiencing large clots that often cause that awful \"soaked through\" feeling at work. I finally went to an ob/gyn (embarrassed to admit, I didn\^t think you could go to one while you were bleeding, so I kept postponing). The doctor performed an endometrial biopsy and said that most likely I would need an endometrial ablation. The pamphlet about ablation said all tests (including pap) needed to be negative to go forward with the ablation. The doctor never did a pap due to the bleeding. Weeks and then a month went by. I never heard anything. Finally, I started calling, since the bleeding was getting heavier and heavier. I left messages for the nurse that handles test results. No calls back. I finally reached someone and she said, \"Oh, your results came back within three days. There\^s nothing wrong. The biopsy was negative. We just don\^t call if it\^s negative.\" I felt so frustrated about time lost and also the fact that I had been pretty concerned all those weeks.

    I decided I needed to go to an ob/gyn office that was more caring. I met with the doctor. He explained the options to me since the endometrial biopsy was negative. He then did a pap and a vaginal sonogram in his office. I showed several ovarian cysts (I knew I had them for several years) and an enlarged cervix. A month went by. No information about the pap. I called last week and the nurse said the pap came back abnormal and that I should schedule another pap in six months. I was completely confused. Did that mean six more months of this bleeding? From what I read, the ablation could not be done if abnormal test results came back.

    Waiting six months seemed... I don\^t know... not right. I requested an appointment to talk with the doctor. The nurse scheduled one for September 15. I just feel like none of this matters to anyone. I feel like, when asking questions, I\^m being bothersome. Yet, everything I read talks about being your own advocate and pushing for answers.

    Is this just \"how it is\"? I\^m doubting myself and feel silly questioning things that no one else seems concerned about.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
  • 08-31 -2008
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