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  • hi i thought i would type another post because in my last one i did say that i had all my treatment and that i did not know what was what ! well since this i went for a MRI scan last week .. after this i thought i would take my children on holiday just in case i have to have more treatment depending on the MRI results .. well while i was away my phone rang and it was the hospital my heart went into my throat and i was so scared but the good news was they said they was ringing me to let me know that the MRI images was fine and that the tumour is gone .. \"oh god i was so pleased \" best day of my life and while on holiday with my kids was the perfect time.. still i cant get over it ..
    its a feeling i just can not describe to anyone being told that news ... i want women on this site to know there is hope and i did win this battle . they have come along way now in treating cervical cancer and it was this site gave me the hope in knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel ..i am not saying it was easy it was not i was very scared i do not have a partner and i am single just me and my children and a loving wonderful family . during times of treatment we actually laughed at some funny things .. my moods was bad because being thrown into menopause but they have gone now but we laugh because i was very very moody .. now im dealing with the hot flashes and sweating but at least im not having periods now so it\^s not all bad for me .. i never knew what stage i was at and i never asked them because sometimes i think ignorance can be a bliss .. all i knew is that the tumour was nasty and they was not sure if it was attached to my bladder because it was leaning but seems it was not THANKGOD .. to all you ladies out there dealing with cervical cancer know there is hope stay positive and most of all have faith in GOD .. and dont read things on the internet to much only suvivour stroys because i read once and it scared me so much ...the nurse told me on the phone that i will have check ups now every 3 months .. i just am so happy again cant describe how i feel no words can say but god knows :)
  • 08-29 -2008
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