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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • My story began on August 7th 2008. I was experiencing some heavy clot like bleeding and was concerned because I had the Mirena IUD. I only waited 2 weeks after the bleeding started because I wanted to be sure the IUD had not punctured my cervix or something of that nature. I had a clear PAP in 12/07 so I never imagined anything could be wrong. My GYN did a vaginal exam and told me that there was a mass on my cervix. I immediately burst into tears because I just knew that was not good news. He scheduled me with a Gynelogical Oncologist who I saw the very next day. On 8/8/08 I was told I had cervical cancer and would need a hysterectomy right away. The Doctor told me that I had a best case scenario because my tumor was growing on the outside of my cervix. Apparently only 15-20% if the tumors are exocervical. My biopsy came back that the tumor was an stage 1B1 adencarcinoma and therefore I would have to have a radical hysterectomy (ovaries, utures, lymph nodes, and pelvic tissue). On August 20, I had my surgery done by the Davincy robot. They say the healing time is a lot less and I am sure it is, but today I am still moving pretty slow and quite sore. I was sent home with a folley catheter for 10 days and I just had it removed today. =) My pathology came back with all clear margins and therefore my surgery was the only treatment needed. I guess it is time to start the healing process. It all happen so fast that I have not gone through all of the emotions yet. I feel like I have a long process of mental, emotional and physical healing. I feel very blessed that I had symptoms and paid attention to them. I also know that God has a reason for everything and this experience has already changed my life. I look at everything differently and know there was a reason I went through this experience. I know that I am supposed to turn this into a positive experience and help people other people somehow. I am also very blessed to have a wonderful husband who has been right by my side and 3 beautiful children. I know that there are a lot of stories on this board of women that have had it a lot worse. In reading I do see that even though some cases are worse, that most of the women find strength they never knew they had or find their reason or purpose. Thank you for sharing your stories as it has definitely helped me in my own life. No matter what your story, God Bless to you all!!!
  • 08-28 -2008
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