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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I just went to my first adoption seminar last night to get some information and wow - overwhelming! I guess I was naive to think that since I was adopted I would have more of an inside track on what to expect! I am empowered by your stories on here and urge you to stay strong. Spread the word of Stand up to Cancer airing Sep 5.
    I sometimes feel guilty saying I^m a cancer survivor because although I went through some radical surgeries most being the hysterectomy a week after my 27th bday - I did not have to go through any other treatments and feel I didn\^t have to fight as hard.
    But I do know this - I am learning that my story has helped many of my girlfriends learn the signs of cervical cancer, how and when to go to the dr, and to be an advocate for yourself. I went through so many scary moments like bleeding through the car seat - saturated - on a 1/2 hour drive home from work one day. My husband and I are looking to set up a charity to help women like me - who have no choice but to adopt for a family and to help with the overwhelming costs. If anyone has any ideas how to get this started better or even has something like this going I^d love to hear from you.
    love and luck - Mea
  • 08-27 -2008
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