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  • Hi Ladies,
    Just been reading all your wonderful stories. I am down here in Australia and I was diagnosed recently with stage 1b1 and am having an abdominal radical hysterectomy(with preservation of one ovary), lymph node dissection and also hernia repair(as why not do them all at the same time :)) in 10 days time. I live on my own and do not have any family/partner, and was just after any tips to help me in my healing/recovery....what I need to watch out, what foods/drinks should I be having/not having and how long it will take for me to recover and get back to work(I am a waitress). I do have friends that will be coming around to help me with food/house cleaning etc. Also if there are online chat rooms that might be worth joing.
    Thank you for reading and also thank you for sharing your stories.
  • 08-18 -2008
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