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  • Well back in 2001 at the age of 21 I had started a new job and my insurance had not came into effect yet,I still had 3 months to go.My periods had been off for a few months.I was at work one day started having aches below real bad and I got sick to my stomach this continued and finally a week later I went to the dr.He done a paps and it came back abnormal.Of course at the age of 21 you think nothing can be wrong.Well I had a biopsy done and a few days later went in for surgery of removal of 1/2 my cervix and was told if I wanted children I should have them in 5 to 7 yrs. because the type I had usually came back in 97.7 % of cases.Well with screenings every 3 months for the 1st year and every 6 months after that I finally met the guy I was to love in the end of 2004.While attending college full time in 2005 I started having the same symptoms as in 2001.I went to the dr. and once again it was back.Again had surgery and left me with 1/16th of my cervix.I got married and immediately started trying to have kids.I took fertility pills for two years faced with the decision if the cervical cancer came back would never have children.Well I am thankfull to say I have 5 more weeks to go and my precious baby girl will be here! My little miracle.
  • 08-17 -2008
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