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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • hi i just wanted to add my stroy because when i was first told about having cervical cancer i was on this site every single day reading about cerivcal cancer and treatments and it really helped me .now time to add my own . i am 41 yrs old and last yr i was losing a horrible discharge and little bit of bleeding i went to the doctors and was told i had a infection so had antibioctics in januray this so called infection got much worse with a pain that was so bad i never had pain like this in my life i went back to the doctors and he said tube infection maybe on the left side but lets have a smear done also .. went for the smear and results came back invasive cells on the neck of womb i knew it was much more than just cells because the pain i was in . anyway sent to a gyno who was going to look with a microscope seems he didnt need that he could see with his naked eye . he took a bisopsy and one week later i got told yes this is cancer and we need you to have a MRI and also lungs checked . i was so shocked i think i couldnt take it all in .anyway lungs clear but to late for hysterectomy because it just left the cervix into left side lympth nodes so treatment will be 6 chemo 28 external radition and 1 internal radition . i had all 6 chemo\^s with no problems i had all 28 raditions and then internal once my bloods came right because clotting was low then it was platelets then white cells one after the other but was only because 6 chemo\^s . they all came right and i had the internal one done which was 2 days in hospital .the internal one was little bit hard for me because my back was hurting laying still 24 hours the radition was 14 hours but it went to 24 because keep coming in the room and having to turn the machine off . i dont know now what is what i go back to the hospital sepetember but i can say all my pain has gone which i THANKGOD so much and all the hospital staff which have been wonderful . i never thought i see a day that pain would go away i have gained just over 1 stone in weight amd pain free which to me is the best thing ever . my life has changed now and i have become even closer to my family i met some speical people during my times in the hospital on the chemo ward very speical people . my faith in god is STRONG and not one day goes past i dont pray to thankgod for helping guide me and thank you for each day i open my eyes .
  • 08-15 -2008
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