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  • To those of you reluctant of the pain involved for paps or scraping--please JuST GO and do it---I did and so can you. I had the diagnosis of cervical cancer April 16, 2008. I pleaded and begged (well started crying to the gynecological
    oncologists nurse) what a wreck I was and was able to get in to see him on April 21,2008. On April 29,2008 I had a radical hysterectomy with ovary removal and lymph node removal. It has NOT been a piece of cake but I\^m here and sore because I developed an incisional hernia and must be operated on again August 19,2008. I can barely walk around but I do NOT have cancer presently. I have been through a barrage of cat scan, blood work--you name it. I used to wince when needles came my way--not any longer.

    Long story short. Go to the doctor. FEAR is only there if you don\^t face it. Stare down that fear. TELL your doctors your apprehension--I told mine that I hated sitting on a gurney prior to surgery where they put you sleep..the waiting-- the uncertainty...fear looming. I told him I felt like a cattle herd waiting for NEXT. He had an anthesiologist come out earlier---talk to me and put me to sleep instead--she waited with me until he was ready so I had 2 anthesiologists.TALK TO HIM OR HER. THEY will CALL YOU IN SOMETHING to alleviate the anxiety.

    More importantly--kisses from Ohio--if I can go through friend you can also!
  • 08-03 -2008
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