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  • Leea:

    I don\^t want to scare you but what you are describing is exactly what happened to me at age 29. The docs did test after test because they said I was too young to have advanced cervical cancer. However, that is exactly what I had. Tumors are very vascular and create a lot of blood. My bleeding was spotty for months but then after I had a PAP, that came back normal, the bleeding increased. The increase was because they had touched the tumor which started to bleed. My biopsy came back negative and I fought for two months to get a CT scan. Eventually, after almost dying, I brought myself to the ER and they found the Tumor with a CT scan.

    I advise you go to the ER immediately. I always had PAPs and never had any problems and have no idea how it happened to me but I do know I almost died. My story ends with me alive but it was a very difficult journey of chemo, radiation, surgeries etc...The longer you wait the more dangerous it can become. And, I experienced tons of pain with examinations and passed the same clots you describe. I went to two gynos who both missed the stage 3B (thats very advanced) Cervical Cancer.
  • 08-03 -2008
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