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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I want to share my story as each of you have because I learn something new about this horrible disease every day and hopefully I can shed some light with my experience. I am 31 years old, married with a 4 year old daughter. I had the 3rd abnormal pap of my life come back Oct 2007, followed by a colposcopy and cold knife cone day surgery. Then I did a PET CT Scan and it showed it was contained in my cervix but on the way to my lymph nodes. The 1st result was stage 1b1 cervical cancer. More tests showed small cell cervical cancer. This is a very aggresive and rare form of cervical cancer. This news came in Dec 2007. My dr. recommonded I have a radiation and chemo and then a hysterectomy. Something in me said no. I wanted this cancer out of me immediatly. I requested to have the hysterectomy first to remove the cancer from my body and then have the treatments. THANK GOD I made this decision and my doctor allowed this. After the hysterectomy in Dec 2007 it was discovered that the tumor was contained in my cervix and the small cell was only in a very small portion of the tumor and not all over like originally thought. If I did not request the surgery first they would have never known it wasn\^t as bad as originally thought. Just as a precaution they recommended I have 10 weeks of external radiation and 2 weeks of internal radiation and no chemo. I did do this and I am thankful I did as I have more peace of mind this may not return. Side effects from radiation are not pleasant and I think I\^m still experiencing side effects - mostly bowel issues. At this point I am worried that they did not remove my ovaries and this may come back in my ovaries one day. I go every three months for check ups from my Gynecological Oncologist and every 6 months to my Radiation Oncologist. I\^m staying positive and pray daily the cancer will not return. I urge all of you going through this to listen to your body, pray, stay positive and take control of treatment options.
  • 08-01 -2008
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