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  • Hi Jennifer

    I have read your story and I really do feel for you. I understand your pain and anger, as I feel it too.

    My mum turned 56 years in May this year. on 25th February 2008, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctor said that it was in the very early stages and he was very positive. My mum was also very positive and confident that she would beat this horrible disease. She had her surgery on 17th March 2008 and the doctor said that, in his opinion, there was no need for chemo or radiation, but she should see an oncologist. Her surgery was done privately and we had a referral letter to see an oncologist at the provincial hospital. Unfortunately my mum was given the run around and had to undergo one test after another. Three months had passed by and she did not receive any treatment.
    Her then suggested that another colonoscopy be done as well as a MRI scan. The tests showed that the cancer was back and it had spread to the pelvis. My mum could not handle the situation and become mentally imbalanced. She underwent her second surgery on 21st July 2008. The dr could not do much as he said that the cancer had spread to the pelvis. She was fine after the operation, however the next morning she picked up an infection and her body went into septic shock. She was put on the life support system and is still in ICU fighting for her life.

    The drs have given us no hope. Yesterday I took my baby to our family GP and she told me that she spoke to the surgeon about my mother\^s condition and it is only a matter of time, even if she pulls through now. I cannot accept that. I need my mother. My kids need my mother. I am an only daughter and I have one brother. We have always been such a close family. I cannot describe my pain and agony. On Monday we received a call from the hospital advising us to come immediately to the hospital as my mum was not going to make it. We had to drive 120 km to get to the hospital and it seemed like eternity. Guess what- the drs have stopped the BP medication and my mum is fighting- we are just praying that she will get through this and come home to us.

    I have been trying to get as much info on cancer and its possible cures- I came across an ayurvedic remedy called CARCTOL. Maybe you can try and research it.

    I dont care what the drs have to say. I am determined to get my mum back home. It hurts so much to see her on the ventilator. I can hardly recognise her- her body has swelled to twice its size, but I believe that she will get healed.

    Hang in there and just pray. You are not alone.
  • 07-30 -2008
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