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  • Hi Jenny:
    I am not currently going through the same thing as you but I have been there and was very scared myself. So if you still need someone to talk to let me know.
    I was diagnosed with cervical cancer (stage 1b2) in May of 2006. When they 1st found the tumor everything was boom boom boom, ultrasound, ctscan, pet scan. Once they found out what they were dealing with they removed an ovary and 3 lymph nodes then set up the treatment plan. 25 radiation treatment (5 days a wk for 5 wks) along with Chemo (cisplatin) once a week during those same 5 weeks, then 2 radiatioin implants after my treatments were finished. Once they had the gameplan in place it seemed like forever for it to start. I believe it was at least a month just to go in and get \"marked\" for the radiation. During that time I couldnt help but wonder if the cancer was spreading. I had heard great things about the \"team\" of doctors that I had so I just kept telling myself \"hey they do this stuff everyday so if it needed to be started right away then that\^s what they would have done. Once the treatments got going I set my sights on the halfway mark. Once I reached that I figured it was all downhill from there and that eeemed to make it easier. The treatments themselves werent bad and luckily I had minor side effects. The radiation implants were a little rougher. Cant say as I would look forward to that again but I made it through. Then came the worst part--Test to see if all the treatments worked and the cancer was gone. I was really holding my breathe on that one and gave a big sigh of relief when they said it was gone. Now almost 2 years cancer free I breath a little easier with each ctscan and pap.
  • 07-27 -2008
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