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  • My story is long and complicated but I will try to sum it up the best I can. If anyone wants to full story they can check out my blog In December 2006 I was 28 years old. I had gone to an OBGYN complaining of pain, bleeding and other things. My PAP did not show I had cancer. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, \"there\^s too much blood to see anything\" is what I was told. My pain and bleeding increased but my doctors didn\^t seem to be concerned. I barely slept, I barely did anything because I was passing tennis sized blood clots and was in severe pain. This went on for about a month. I was in law school and continued to attend classes. I begged and begged for a CT scan but my doctors ignored me. My family, most of my friends and my doctors didn\^t believe me. At one point I stopped sleeping completely, this went of for almost two weeks.

    Finally I brought myself to the ER and after having a CT scan they discovered I had 3B cervical cancer. The tumor had gotten so large it cut off my ureters causing hydronophrosis in both my kidneys. My left kidney ripped open and fluid filled my abdomen. I was told I was going to die.

    28 years old! I had gone to the OBGYN, I was educated, healthy and young. How could this happen to me?? I was given two blood transfusions and flown to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. I had nefrostomy tubes put in, stints, I had chemo, external radiation and internal radiation. My life was beyond difficult. My family and friends were devastated, as was I. After my treatments were completed I began the slow journey of recovery. I had my 29th birthday in the hospital celebrated with nurses doctors and close family. I am now 30 and cancer free. Unfortunately I have to have surgery every three months indefinitely. I live in FL where I am still attending law school, I came back after missing only one semester. I fly back to Boston every three months for my surgeries and PET scans.

    I want other young women to hear my story. This can happen to you. Cervical Cancer doesn\^t just happen to the poor or the uninsured. make sure you listen to yourself and not just blindly trust your doctors. You are not too young to have advanced cervical cancer. You are not too educated or too healthy.

    We need to talk more about Cervical Cancer. Women approach me after they know about my story and often confide in me. Too embarrassed to tell anyone about their abnormal PAP or HPV! Do not be embarrassed to talk about it because you are not alone. More people need to talk about cervical cancer.
  • 07-25 -2008
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