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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I wanted to write this to give some hope to women who become faced with the trama in their life. You go about your day and hear stories of this happening to other then one day you get the call from your doctor - \" it is cancer\".

    In April of 2003, after three months of telling my doctor, \" I have a strange discharge - it is like water and it is clear and has an odor\", I got the call from the nurse telling me they found cancer.

    I went into a panic but then my survival instints kicked in. I called a family friend and Obygn. and explained what was going on. I got on the internet and researc. I became familiar with what I was dealing with and got support from friends and family. After the surgery I was told my the surgeon \"a specilist\" that I did not need more treatment I had stage 1b1 endocervical adenocarcinoma and that my survival was 90%. \"Yippie\" - I thought, \"I dodged a bullet\". Then while looking on the internet I found a women who had the same cancer, same stage who was going to MD Aderson (the best hospital) and she was receiving radiation and chemo. We wrote back and forth and compared our pathology report and I asked \"why I wasn\^t getting further treatment\". I called my surgeon who told me \"that was our decision - the tumor board\". I decided to get a second opion.

    Good thing - I went to a Big University Hospital who said that based on my pathology I had an agressive form of this endocervical cancer and that recent studies suggest that I do get radiation and chemo. They said that my 90% cure rate just went down to 70%. I became very upset. I would have a big choice to make. I then got a third opion from another University Hospital and they agreed \" I needed radiation and chemo.\" I called my surgeon to tell him and he would not take my call. His nurse called and said that I should do what I think will make me feel confident. I decided to have the radion and chemo.

    Five years later I am cancer survivor and doing great. I just adopted a little girl from Russia and I am healthy.
    I do have a mild case of lymphedema from the radiation and surgery combo, however I can live with it.

    The purpose of this information is to let women know to be their own Advocate and do your research. Get two and three opinion before making a decision. Go to a good hosital and keep all your records in a file. Stay positive. Don\^t think your are going to die -that will just make you crazy. Take one day at a time and focus on fighting your cancer. I also think it helps to journal your emotions or go see a couselor. Nobody will understand what your are going through so you need to be self confident.

    Ihope this helps. Good luck - and God be with you.
  • 07-25 -2008
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