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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in march of 08. i had stage 1b2. I had symtoms prior to this diagnosis, vaginal bleeding after intercorse, pelvic pain and also bleeding between periods, that was the last symtom that I had experienced. I was always at the doctor my paps were always normal. they never diagnosed my symptoms until my last visit, and even then they were wrong. I was very depressed it could have been prevented. I was sent to a specialist and i\^m glad i\^m with new doctors. I have gone through 6 weeks of chemo and 25 radiation treatments and 5 internal treatments.I did not have surgery. I will not be able to have children and I will not have periods anymore either, but aleast there is hope i am told my cancer is gone and i have to be monitered every three months and i will not let this bring me down in anyway. Be strong and beleive, be positive!!!
  • 07-23 -2008
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