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  • It will be 19 yrs this Sept that I was diagnosed with stage II cervical cancer. The Dr. who did the testing told me it looked so bad that if I had come in with stage III he would have to give me a death sentence. I was living in Alaska at the time and I went immediately to Utah to have treatments. The oncology Dr\^s at the University of Utah told me I was at a very unusual stage and that I had a few options for treatment. I told them right off I would not take chemo. They said that I would be a good candidate for a new type of therapy. That I would be the first female in the US to have this done. The treatment was 27 outside radiation treatments followed by two needle implants. The needle implants where rods held into place by a plate wherein they put radiation rods, pulled them out 48 hours later and boosted the radiation with hyperthermia(microwave heating).
  • 07-23 -2008
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