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  • My name is Melody I have 3b recurrent cervical cancer. I\^m, 38 years old and have a wonderful husband and 3 amazing children 8, 12 and 18. In October or November of 2006 I begn have bleeding with intercourse and heavier irregular periods. I blew it all off assuming I was maybe going through an early menopause or who knows what. I had pains in my abdomen that I blamed on gas. I also had pap smears every year that always were normal. I was due for my pap in March of 2007 and missed the appt. I didn\^t get in until July 2007. On July 19, 2007 I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I was told we caught it early and that it was very curable. I had a radical hysterectomy (robotic surgery) and found that 2 lymphnodes were involved. I began 5 weeks of chemo (taxol and carboplatin) along with 25 daily treatments of external radiation. I was supposed to have internal radiation as well, but complications from the radiation prevented that. I saw my onclogist in Dec. of 2007 and he recommended that I do another 13 weeks of chemo. It was to give me a better chance of no recurrence. During all of this I never had another CT or PET - only in the beginning did I have this. I finished the 13 weeks at the end of March and my Dr. orderd the CT. On April 24, 2008 I had the CT and recieved a call the same day to let me know that a tumor was blocking my ureter and my kidney was very enlaged. The next day I saw my oncologist who informed that I now have 7 new tumors all about the size of a golfball and he was sorry, but my cancer is incurable. Let me say that during chemo I had complained often that my kidney was hurting and I was experiencing some ciatica symptoms. Nobody thought anything of it. Turns out both were caused by tumors. The tumor in my hip is quite painful. It\^s difficult to sit or stand for long periods of time. Walking is often an effort. But, I manage - with morphine. I have also had stents placed in both kidneys because a tumor is blocking my ureters from draining. I have begun another combination of chemo Cisplatin and Topotecan. This is suposed to give me more time. I am looking into alternative therapies in Mexico. I can\^t buy into my Dr\^s theory that I have less than a year. I realize my caner is stubborn and aggressive, but... SO AM I!!! And my babies and family need me. I\^m not giving up!!!! I will continue to search the earth for my miracle until the day I die. I have also been to MD Anderson in HOuston, Tx. It\^s an incredible cancer cener. They agreed with my Dr\^s here.

    I have been reading several stories and I haven\^t seen anyone with recurrent cervical cancer. I am desperately looking for someone who has been in my shoes and beat the odds. I need to find one person who can offer me hope. If you have or know of anyone who has recurrent cervical cancer and is surviving - PLEASE contact me. I f you know someone who has not survived I would love to hear those stories as well.

    I know this is a long road for everyone, but hang in there. We can all beat the odds. I know God gave us the answer and it is here. We just have to find it.
  • 07-12 -2008
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