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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Today marks a year since my radical hysterectomy. I am 1 year cancer free and happy to be. My husband and I are looking into adoption since I had my bout with cancer at age 27 with no children yet.

    Whenever I tell my story everyone always asks if my husband and I had kids before surgery. When I say no they always take a deep breath and give me a look of sadness. BUT...I am adopted. And I know that many people out there think that not having children naturally is the end of the world. But I urge you to rethink your priorities. I had cancer at age 27 and my oncologist saved my life. I know that my husband and I were meant to adopt and that everything in life happens for a reason. So if you are undergoing any sadness or worries about treatments and children - things will work out.
  • 07-11 -2008
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