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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I\^m 27 and Asian. I had my LEEP biopsy back this Tuesday and a lot of bad news came with it. I have CIN3 with endocervical gland envolvement. Margin shows CIN3 (not clean). AIS is also noted, micro-invasion cant be excluded...They performed another biopsy (dont think it is cone...)much deeper into the cervix canal and it hurt a lot. Follow up is in two weeks.
    From what I read online, AIS is very difficult to handle, is it true? Is it doomed if it envolves gland? Has anybody here fully recovered from AIS? I want to have kids. Can I still have kids even if it turns out to be invasive cancer?
    My b/f and I love each other, but sometimes i feel it\^s unfair for him to be stuck with this situation (I didnt get HPV from him.). I\^m very depressed right now...I dont know how I will take it if the result comes back saying I have invasive cancer...I dont know how to tell my family...
  • 07-09 -2008
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