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  • My name is Pam I am 43 yrs mother of 3 grown kids and a beautiful grandson. I have been reading your stories for the past week. I have been very encourged by all the stories. I was diogsed with stage 111c cervical cancer in Dec. 07 I underwent hystercomy on Jan 08 I had to go thru 6 chemo treatments every three weeks I have not went back to see my ono/gyn after my treatments but he has not mention any radition but i have read some of your all stories and have noticed that with other stages they all had radition I have been trying to find out some things on the internet to help me with this and to give me some answers if any one has been staged with the same i have will you please tell me how you are doing. thank you all you all are so brave
  • 07-08 -2008
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