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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was like many other women upset and ashamed when i heard about my abnormal pap smear.. How could this happen? I was never promiscious person but sometimes I guess that doesnt matter. I have low risk hpv but since then I had genital warts and I believe there are other underlying issues but my doctor never fully examined it. What makes me even more upset is that I never knew about hpv , doctors never talk about and I was never told about the vaccine when it came out. If I knew I would pay for it if nothing else but to protect myself as much as i could. Why is that? Why we have to find out when its too late.. Was it hard to send pamphlets to all female patients to inform that there is vaccine and there is such a thing like hpv. I just dont feel its right . Is it maybe good for business not to tell patients they can protect themselves but then make money after the fact for procedures. I just think its doctors responsibility to inform people before they get infected. i spent so much money fighting this thing that sometimes i get into this deep depression for days. I come from extremely conservative world . How am I going to explain that to my future husband. I can^t because he would accuse me of being whore before him. I cannot disclose this information to anybody and in my mind I am this dirty person. I mean I know its possible to fight it but when you do this alone and cannot rely on doctor it makes it harder. I believe the day that drug for hpv hits the market it would be relief for millions of women who suffer..

    Thank you
  • 07-06 -2008
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