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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • In December of 2007 I started bleeding after intercourse and having light periods in between my normal cycles. I was also having issues with my breasts. So in January I went into the GYN. She focused on the breast first and did a round of tests and sent me to a cancer specialist. The results were \"no cancer just large hollow cysts\". So I followed back with my GYN on the period issues in April (after all the breasts tests were completed).

    In May of 2008 I was told I had cervical adnecarcinoma w/ invasion and referred to an Oncologist. I am 36 yr old single mom to a beautiful 6 year old boy. My life seemed to turn upside down. First the GYN scared me because she thought I had breast cancer and I was going through testing to see next steps. Now I am told I have cervical cancer. I wondered if she was wrong about this too.

    It has now been a month and a 1/2 since I heard those words. The GYN told me mine had spread and I needed to have an immediate hsyterectomy - she said the labs classified it as 1b2 or 2. I wasn\^t able to get a quick appointment into the Oncologist so the stress of waiting was killing me.

    During my first visit a week and a half later the Oncologist took samples from 11 and 2 o\^clock. When they say you will feel a little pressure - why don\^t they say tnis is going to hurt like...

    She also read the lab reports and felt I was a stage 1B2. So the next step was the Cold Knife Cone procedure. This sample came back \"in situ\" unlike the first one. I got the results back this past Monday and it was confirmed that it was cancer but not as invasive as originally thought. My stage was listed as 1A1.

    I am going in for a modified radical hysterectomy on June 11th. They won\^t remove as wide of an area, they will take everything including lymp nodes but she isn\^t going to remove my ovaries unless it looks like it is medically necessary during the surgery. They do feel I am 100% cancer free after the cone procedure but because of the invasive nature of the adnecarcinoma they want to play it safe. They don\^t plan for any radiation at this time either.

    I have arranged my son to be at his dad for the first two weeks after surgery and haven\^t told him about the surgery yet. I don\^t feel at his age he needs to take on any unnecessary stress. After the surgery I will tell him the doctor\^s needed to take some things out that I didn\^t need anymore. When he is older and it is relevant I will share my story with him.

    I wish all of you the best of luck in your battles and treatments. I know how emotionally draining this can be. I went on a rollar coaster ride hearing differing opinions, estimates on stage, discussions about radiation & chemo etc.

    I did miss two annual check-ups because time just got away from me but I will never miss another one!
  • 07-01 -2008
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