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  • At 18, my mom forced me to have a pap smear stating that my life insurance needed the test results. Never knowing that this act would save my life I went to have a pap smear done. Two weeks later (right before my college life was going to begin) the doctor called to inform me that I had an abnormal test result and I needed to come back for a follow-up. Six years ago, none of the doctors would confirm or deny that I had HPV. They never really explained in full detail what I had. It felt as if it was my fault that I contracted this thing and I was being punished. They said that I can cervical dysplasia and that it should go away. They recommended because I was so young that I should just wait and the cells should go away on its own. Scared and confused I took their word and waited. Every six months going in and recieving the same news over and over again. After a year, I assumed that my life was just this, going to the doctor every six months and telling me to wait it out. As I was going to college I decided to minor in women\^s studies and took an intensive course in female reproduction. During the course I learned in full detail what HPV was and what I had. I could not believe that I was told to wait by the doctor, knowing that I had the highest grade of HPV there was, and knowing that it causes cervical cancer. Soon enough I had the cells removed going against my doctor\^s wishes, and seeking a second opinion. I thought I was finally in the clear, but 1 month before I got married I learned that they cells were back and I had stage one cancer. I discussed my situation with my new OBGYN who encouraged me to have the surgery. To say the least I have been cancer free for about a year now and enjoying life. HPV research and information has come along way from 6 years ago. I know there are young women out there who are confused as I was, but if anyone needs help or just someone to talk to please feel free to contact me.
  • 06-25 -2008
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