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  • hello,my name is patti,in june of last yr 2007 i was diagnosed with adenosqamous cell carcinonoma,six months prior i started to have continous prolonged peroids,mutch like brownish in color and at times dark red.making trips to my family doctor,and trusting my physhion answers ,i went along with her saying it was just my body changing.month after month having up to five pap smears nothing was detected,which still saying my hormones were to blame,i changed birth control three times in 5 months,and still the bleeding persisted,at the last two months i had started having real bad lower back pains too,i insisted on seeing a gyno and he said it feels like i had a fibroid cyst.i asked him to perform a hystrorectomy where when it was found at that time,thanks to my own
    intuition on my feeling of what was going on with my own body.I had treatment of 5 chemo and 25 radiation,plus 4 booster radiation,my six month check up was clear and i,m so thank full for the lord above for that,i don,t think i could of made it through without my surport unit of my family and friends.I,m here to say yes pap smears do work,but my cancer was too high up to have any of the cancer cells to be showen on the smear....i was just one of those cases that fell through the cracks of the health care system,not having long enough spachulas to reach the cells.I pray each day the lord takes care of me and gives me one more day with my family!!
  • 06-22 -2008
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