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  • I\^m looking for advice, last week I had my yearly exam as I do every year. 2 days ago the dr called me back and told me that my pap was abnormal and that a HPV test came back positive for high risk HPV.

    Now the problem is that I\^m a photojournalist and I\^m leaving the country next week for my very first book project. The Dr seemed really admit that I come in before I leave on Tuesday or Wednesday for a Colposcopy and possibly a biopsy and they even rescheduled some other appointments to get me in tomorrow. My Dr is leaving town on Saturday and won\^t be back until after I leave. I will be in the 3rd world until August shooting for a nonprofit.

    Well my period started this evening so I called and left a message for my physicians assistant and her nurse called me back and told me that they can\^t do it if they can\^t see the cervix. She told me it\^s not a big deal and to just wait until I come back in 2 or 3 months and come in then. However I don\^t know that I can live 2 or 3 months with that hanging over my head. Even if the test results were not good I would rather know while I\^m working or be free from the concern.

    My question now is I didn\^t cancel the anointment since it was just the assistants nurse that called me. I think that tomorrow I will instead take a bath or clean up really well right before I go and since it\^s only day 2 the bleeding shouldn\^t be much at all. Is there any reason that they can\^t simply rinse it off when they apply the solution to the cervix if I show up and there is any blood on it? If that just won\^t work maybe I can get in with another Dr before I go or something. Can anyone tell me if you guys think it\^s urgent to get this done before I go or if it\^s not a big deal and 3 months time won\^t make a difference anyway as the nurse said. Also are there going to be changes in my cervix because on menstruation that will make the test impossible anyway? Any info anyone can give me would be great! Thanks
  • 06-18 -2008
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