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  • JUST AN UPDATE AND A RAY OF HOPE FOR SOME! I had my radical hysterectomy, lymph node removal & ovary removal on April 29,2008. I was diagnosed with 1b cervical cancer on April 16,2008. ALL you gals are wondering how I was able to schedule surgery so quickly---YOU SIMPLY BEG!I\^m such a WORRIER-I told him all the reasons I needed to get it done quickly. If some of you do not remember, during surgery my lymph nodes looked funny---after \"dissection\" they were fine. For all you gals who go into surgery...the docs call this dissection.

    TO MY POINT: FOURTY five days after surgery, the oncologist says I\^m cancer free. Surgery was no piece of cake, but it is better than the alternative. I\^M GOING to be FINE and so will ALL OF YOU. Hystersisters ( website) is GREAT to let you know what to expect before, during and after surgery.

    KISSES to all of you gals....You are all loved in OHIO!

  • 06-15 -2008
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