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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • It started two years ago. I thought I was just going through menopause. Pap smears were negative each year for 20 years. This spring the bleeding increased to every two weeks scheduled in appointment for the OG/GYN. They did a pap smear and biopsy. Guess what? The pap smear was neg, the biopsy was postive sqamous cell, uterine, they thought.Refered to OB/GYN oncologist. Saw the OB/Gyn Oncologist he said that it was probably cervical and that they pulled the cells down he felt it in my cervix. Scheduled me for surgery, 3B WAS THE DIAGNOSIS no lymph nodes. Treatment plan was as follows:They removed part of cervix, tubes and ovaries Pet scan CT radiation internal and external then chemo every three weeks for 6 times 3 times a week. Just finished one month ago. I lost my spirit from the treatment my essence is still there and my body is ravaged but I\^m still here. I\^ve had so many transfusions, I can\^t count them all. I\^ve have the metal taste of the cisplatin and have had multiple tranfusions for the magnesium I lost and multiple transfusions of packed cells the first one I cried before I had it. Then I realized it was getting me through and that some good person had given their blood for me. The treatment was difficult and I thought about quitting, my husband kept me going and cared for me throgh those many days and weeks that I was in a fog. My feet still tingle and my hands still tremble my hair is gone that really bothered. The doctor I see I cried once in his office and he wanted to put me on antidepressants. My husband and I talked about it and came to the realization that that was stupid who wouldn\^t be depressed. So we didn\^t get the precription filled and my husband prepped me. He asked me about it at my next visit and I told him no I didn\^t take them. He got kind of mad but left me alone after that on that subject. It\^s a long, painful (internal radiation), external (your bowels), nausating(everything),experience with multiple side effects not only on your body and your spirit but not the essense of who you are.Remember that the survival is close to 80% will live. Once you learn that you can\^t control your life and accept what will happen and have faith in your God, it becomes easier. But I\^m glad I\^m alive and done. Meditation and visualiztion help. I couldn\^t work when straight chemo started and was very weak some do better then others I\^m 50 yrs old The internal sleave is uncomfortable. I slept alot did walk for 15 to 20 minutes a day that eas it My body didn\^t react to temperature well either I didn\^t get sick my husband wouldn\^t allow anyone around me until it was over. Glas it\^s over You will feel empty and in a fog it a side effect from the chemo Just be glad your alive! 20 years ago it was a death sentence.
  • 06-06 -2008
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