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  • Hello,

    Three and a half weeks ago, my gynecologist/oncologist performed a cone biopsy (with knife). Following this surgery, I developed an infection that lead me to have high fever, bloated (looked like I was 3 months pregnant), nausea, fatigue, and great loss of brown fluid. I was rushed to the doctor and they removed manually part of the brown \"sponge\" the gynecologist/oncologist. I was prescribed some antibiotics. I got better but the \"bleeding\" of the brown fluid didn\^t stop. This past Monday I was back in the oncologist office and he removed a big part of the stitches. He believed that I am somehow allergic to anything foreign inserted in my body.

    Still to this day, I am still \"bleeding\" the brown fluid but it has diminished since Monday (going from using 6 menstrual pads/day to 3 pads/day). I have done internet research but haven\^t encountered someone with the same experience. If anybody experienced the same thing, I\^d love to hear about you. My oncologist seems to think I am a rare case...
  • 06-05 -2008
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