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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was diagnosised with cervical cancer on Febuary 1 2008. My doctor told me the kind of cancer I had was not caused by the HPV virus. I was at a stage 1b2. One week later I was in the hospital having a radical hysterectomy. While in surgery my doctor removed serveral lymph nodes that also had cancer. While leaving my ovaries, so I would still have the hormones.
    I started 5 weeks of chemo and radiation on March 17. Now that I\^m finished with all the treatments and on my way to a full recovery, I found out the radiation has ruined my ovaries and they have completly stopped working.
    I\^m only 30 and now going though menapause. My doctor put me on hormone replacement, but I\^m wondering if there is something else I should be considering. I worry about the cancer side effects of hormone replacement. If anyone knows of an all natural way to get though menapause I\^d love to hear more about it.
    We also don\^t have any children and would like to adopt, but don\^t even know where to begin. If anyone can offer some direction.
  • 06-04 -2008
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