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  • Hi, I am hoping to find someone that can share the experience with me. I am very nervous about everything that is about to take place. I have been diagnosed with Stage II cervical cancer. My oncologist wants to proceed with radiation and chemo followed up by internal radiation. I am getting ready to go for my Pet Scan to make sure it hasn\^t spread any further. I have been doing a lot of reading and researching but would like to hear from someone who has \"been there\", technical articles can\^t really tell you everything. My doctor says that I should be able to continue to work during my rad/chemo treatment. I am just really not sure what to expect so if anyone could share with me I would greatly appreciate it. I guess one of my biggest fears is the radiation/chemo treatment will put me out of work. My household depends on my income so if I\^m down it can add a lot more stress to an already stressful situation. Also, I really don\^t like hospitals, doctors and all that so this is a real big deal for me. I have had some really bad experiences in the past so I don\^t have a lot of faith in medicine but I\^m being asked to blindly follow a doctor for a long period of time. I just need more information....I don\^t want to give up and just let this thing kill me but I do like to be very well informed every step of the way. I have another appt with my doctor soon, I am going to be very up front with her about my concerns and just hope that she will work with me and help explain things better. I really didn\^t get much understanding on my first appt...which was short and sweet, you have cancer, stage II this is what we need to do....see you in a couple of weeks. Like I said I don\^t have much faith in doctors so any support would be great.
  • 06-04 -2008
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