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  • Hi, I am glad I found this site. Listening to all of you makes me realize I\^m not alone. I was told on valentine\^s day this year that I had Cin III, according to my pap. My colopscopy confirmed that diagnosis. I had the cone biopsy done, which was supposed to be sufficient in removing ALL the precancerous cells. To my surprise and apparently my dr\^s surprise... the lab came back showing I have invasive cancer past the basement line. They did a chest xray, ct scan of the pelvic/abdominal region. I was referred to an oncologist who did yet another pelvic and rectal exam and was told I am stage 1b1. I am scheduled this tuesday for a radical hysterectomy. He is MODERATELY recommending removal of my ovaries. I have had my children, by the way, I am 40 years old. So I am not concerned about having more kids, but still want to keep my ovaries for hormonal, aging, and sexual function reasons. I am confused.... stage 1b1 is supposed to be confined to the cervix so leaving the ovaries should be safe, right? Then I see some of your stories where it wasn\^t enough. I am so scared of making the wrong decision!!!! Dr\^s don\^t seem too confident in their staging or knowledge of cervical cancer. This didn\^t start yesterday, it\^s been around for years!!!! And HRT\^s (hormone replacement therapy) is dangerous and they\^ve known it for years and yet continue to prescribe it. I just wish someone out there could give me the right decision to make regarding keeping or getting rid of my ovaries.
  • 06-03 -2008
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